by Zach Epstein via BGR News

If you’re among the legions of Nintendo fans who continue to be frustrated by the fact that the company’s hot new Nintendo Switch video game console is still nowhere to be found in stores, you’ve got two options. First, you can pay a premium and head over to Amazon, where the Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con are both in stock right now with Prime shipping. Your second option is to come to terms with the fact that the Switch won’t be in stock in stores anytime soon, and give up for the time being.

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, however. Nintendo has finally broken its silence and confirmed that production of its Switch console is ramping up, with shipments set to increase sooner than you might think.

Some people have come to terms with the fact that they’re not getting their hands on a Switch anytime soon because paying a premium isn’t an option (don’t worry, we have something AWESOME to tide you over). But Nintendo posted a message on its website on Thursday morning to let eager fans know that more Switches are on the way.

Here’s the full message posted by Nintendo, which has been machine translated from Japanese:

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our products.

The “Nintendo Switch main unit” which we released on March 3, 2017 has continued to be in short supply in the entire domestic market since its launch. We apologize sincerely apologize to our customers and dealers for their inconvenience.

Currently, we continue to ship every week, we are working to deliver more than one product to customers. Also, in July and August, we will increase shipment volume this month, including continued shipment of “Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 set”.

For autumn and beyond, we will continue to work to ensure that as many products as possible can be delivered to our customers towards the end of the year, such as further strengthening our production system, we appreciate your understanding.

So, long story short, manufacturing is hard when you have a smash hit on your hands. But Nintendo is indeed ramping up production at this very moment, and shipments are set to increase as soon as July, which is just over one week away.

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A June 27 release date for the standalone version of cult classic “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is said to have come from an inside source at a major US retailer.

Ahead of 2016’s “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,” which pushed the franchise’s recent sci-fi motif further than many fans had been comfortable with, publisher Activision found a way to keep its core audience on board.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” took the first-person shooter genre and redefined it thoroughly, embracing rollercoaster cinematic storylines, multiple protagonists, contemporary global settings, and a milestone progression system that kept players glued to its multiplayer mode.

It was announced as part of a special edition version “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,” and now that 2017’s “Call of Duty: WWII” is approaching, it seems that “Modern Warfare Remastered” is to be made available for purchase separately.

Franchise watcher CharlieIntel received information indicating that “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered” would be released June 27 according to a retailer database.

More visible preparations for a $39.99 retail release were seen on store shelves at US chain Target, before Twitter user drewlookinboy posted photos indicating that the June 27 date referred to the PlayStation 4 edition, with the Xbox One version arriving July 27 instead.

Sony’s PlayStation brand is the “Call of Duty” franchise’s current preferred partner, benefiting from timed exclusivity deals that have usually applied to extra multiplayer content distributed after each main game’s release.

As its name implies, November 2017’s “Call of Duty: WWII” returns to the historical European conflict of the franchise’s first three games.

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Keith Robinson (R) at Arcade Expo in California in March of this year. Photo: Intellivision

by Chris Kohler via Kotaku

Keith Robinson, the godfather of the Intellivision, passed away Wednesday at 61. Robinson designed games for the pioneering Mattel console, but that was just the beginning: He bought the rights to Intellivision in the 1990s and kept the games in print via the Intellivision Lives! collections, while documenting the history of the console and the people who made it. Retronauts has an extensive look at his work today.



by Edwardo Maggio via Business Insider

Xbox chief Phil Spencer does not think of the PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) as a direct competitor to the just-announced Xbox One X.

In an interview with Eurogamer (which we saw via The Verge), Spencer claimed that Microsoft’s new console is in “a different league” compared with Sony’s top-of-the-line gaming machine, because it is the only “true 4K console.”

If you compare the specifications of the two, the Xbox One X does have an edge over its rival. Spencer pointed out the 40% faster GPU as well as the Xbox One X’s bigger memory (12GB, as opposed to the PS4 Pro’s 8GB) as some of the main advantages Microsoft’s console has, but 4K gaming seems to be the biggest differentiator.

“When I think about techniques to somehow manufacture a 4K screen like what some other consoles try to do, this is different than that,” Spencer said. And, as a result, he sees the PS4 Pro as “more of a competitor to [Xbox One] S than I do to Xbox One X.”

When asked about how this difference will have an impact on multiplatform games and whether they will perform significantly better on Xbox One X, Spencer added: “The capability is in this box to make the difference extremely significant. I think about the consoles in the market today, whether it’s PS4, original Xbox One, S, Pro, it’s all kind of closer in spec. We’ve hit a performance spec with Xbox One X that should make those games the most definitive version of those games.”

Xbox One X will retail for $499 (£449 in the UK) this fall, which is $100 (£78) more expensive than the PS4 Pro. However — as my colleague Antonio Villas-Boas argued — hardcore fans may still find value in its hardware capabilities, and actually get a good deal that will hold up better in the longer term.

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Sony can kill the Xbox One X

Posted: June 13, 2017 in Opinion Piece



The war is going to be over price

by Ben Kuchera via Polygon

Microsoft had a decision to make: Did it want to price the Xbox One X at $499.99 and just say that it had the most powerful console without selling the system in great numbers, or did it want to release the system at $399.99 and get competitive with Sony when it comes to the actual hardware?

The Xbox One X will be $499.99, and that means Sony can go in for the killing blow tonight. That price is a mistake.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is $399.99 at the time of this writing, and Sony can increase the price difference by dropping it to either $349.99 or $299.99, if the company really wants to get nasty. Sony has a history of twisting the knife when Microsoft exposes a vulnerability, and dropping the price of its most powerful console to make the Xbox One X seem even more expensive than it does right now would be an effective strategy.

Sony wants to continue outselling the Xbox, and dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro is an easy way to keep its lead. If there’s a $150 or more difference in price between the Pro and the Xbox One X, the more expensive system doesn’t stand much of a chance to sell in high numbers.

“I think that the price point is too high,” Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter stated. “Consoles have historically failed at this price point, and consumers seem unwilling to accept anything over $399. The X will have even more trouble, because the S is at $249 and so is the PS4. A consumer could buy both the S and the PS4 for the cost of an X, so it makes it a tough decision for anyone who is budget conscious or constrained. I think it will resonate well with the wealthy few who buy it, but I think it’s too expensive.”

You can argue that the Xbox One X is more powerful — and you’d be right! — but it’s tricky to show that difference to players who don’t have a 4K television. There’s no clear, instantly recognizable advantage the Xbox One X provides based on everything we’ve seen so far. Both systems increase the visual fidelity of existing games, and the Xbox One S even delivers a variety of 4K features at a much lower price. Raw power and stats are likely to prove less powerful in the market than price and value, and Microsoft is about to find out the hard way.

 Sony may be comfortable in its lead right now, but dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro would be an amazing dunk on Microsoft.

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by Chris Mills via BGR News

It’s been a long time since Intel came out with a new line of CPUs. Although the company updates its processor lineup every year like clockwork, the product categories remain the same: Core i3 for budget PCs, Core i5 for most people, and Core i7 for those mystical “power users.” But starting this year, the dial goes up to 9.

A previous rumor had suggested that Intel will be debuting a Core i9 lineup this month. Now a new leaked specs sheet has details: there will be multiple Core i9 models, topping out with a disturbingly powerful 18-core version.

Videocardz got their hands on a bunch of information about the upcoming Core i9 lineup, including all the models and the roadmap for the release date. The Core i9 appears to be the spearhead for a new wave of powerful Intel processors, named the Core X series. The X series will come in Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 versions, going from 8 to 18 cores.




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by Erik Kain

Paul Tassi is wrong. Again.

While he makes a compelling case for Destiny 2 on PS4, and while he’s certainly right to ditch the Xbox One, he’s still settling for second best. (Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t jump the Xbox One ship sooner given the myriad reasons to play the original Destiny on PS4.)

Having played the game on both PS4 and PC, I can honestly say I prefer the latter in just about every single way imaginable. I’m excited to fire up the Blizzard App and see Destiny 2 side-by-side with Overwatch and Diablo III. 

Yes, the PC version of the game might be delayed. We don’t have a firm release date for the port just yet. It could come out the same day as PS4 and Xbox One (September 8th) or it could come out days, weeks or even months later.

That’s the only reason I can see playing on PS4, though, and even then only temporarily for the sake of our jobs as critics. Extra PS4 content is not a good enough reason to confine yourself to a gamepad when mouse and keyboard are so obviously superior in every way, at least for first-person shooters.

I think it’s a real shame that there’s any sort of exclusivity deal at all, to be honest. I’ve gone on at length before about how this is a mistake, and these kinds of deals are bad for games and gamers, but an extra strike and some extra crucible content out early for PS4 is just not enough for me to accept a subpar gamepad over mouse and keyboard.

I’ll likely play the game on PS4, too, right up until the PC version lands. In fact, if the PC version is released only shortly after the PS4 version I may skip consoles altogether. These games are an enormous time investment, and I’m not sure how much time I want to put into a character if I’m just going to jump ship for PC down the road.

So that’s my take. PC is the best place to play just about anything, and that includes Destiny 2.

All of this hinges on Bungie being able to control cheating on PC, of course. If cheating becomes a serious problem, I may have to eat my hat and go back to console. I hope that’s not the case, however. I don’t want filthy, no-good, rotten cheaters ruining the experience for the rest of us.

P.S. I forgot to mention the frame-rate difference. I meant to but I forgot. On PC gamers can expect 60 fps or higher, whereas consoles are locked at 30 fps. This makes a huge difference especially in an action shooter. There’s simply no comparison.

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