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by Brian Heater via TechCrunch

Honestly, “gaming disorder” sounds like a phrase tossed around by irritated parents and significant others. After much back and forth, however, the term was just granted validity, as the World Health Organization opted to include it in the latest edition of its Internal Classification of Diseases.

The volume, out this week, diagnoses the newly minted disorder with three key telltale signs:

  1. Impaired control over gaming (e.g. onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context)
  2. Increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities
  3. Continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences

I can hear the collective sound of many of my friends gulping at the sound of eerily familiar symptoms. Of course, the disorder has been criticized from a number of corners, including health professionals who have written it off as being overly broad and subjective. And, of course, the potential impact greatly differs from person to person and game to game.

The effects as specified above share common ground with other similar addictive activities defined by the WHO, including gambling disorder:

“Disorders due to addictive behaviours are recognizable and clinically significant syndromes associated with distress or interference with personal functions that develop as a result of repetitive rewarding behaviours other than the use of dependence-producing substances,” writes the WHO. “Disorders due to addictive behaviors include gambling disorder and gaming disorder, which may involve both online and offline behaviour.”

In spite of what may appear to be universal symptoms, however, the organization is quick to note that the prevalence of gaming disorder, as defined by the WHO, is actually “very low.” WHO member Dr. Vladimir Poznyak tells CNN, “Millions of gamers around the world, even when it comes to the intense gaming, would never qualify as people suffering from gaming disorder.”

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by Stefanie Fogel via Variety

Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind the popular “Batman Arkham” series, is apologizing to fans for skipping this week’s E3 event in Los Angeles.

“We know some of you were disappointed we were not at E3 this year,” Rocksteady co-founder and game director Sefton Hill tweeted on Wednesday. “The whole team has been reading your comments, and all of us here at Rocksteady really appreciate your passion for our next project. Knowing how much it means to you keeps us inspired and energized to deliver a game that you will be proud of. We’ll share it with you as soon as it’s ready.”

Rocksteady’s last-known project was a virtual reality adventure game called “Batman Arkham VR.” It launched on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016. Later that same year, Hill revealed in a Reddit AMA the team is working on something new.

“We’re very hard at work on our next project but we won’t be releasing the details for a while,” he wrote. “When we do you guys will be first to hear as we want to get the community involved heavily in what we do next.”

Since then, fans have wildly speculated about whether or not Rocksteady is creating a new DC superhero-based game (it’s one of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s in-house studios) and which property it could be. Rumor is it’s working on a Superman titlein Unreal Engine 4 that will be three times larger than “Arkham Knight.”

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by Jacob Siegal via BGR News

At its E3 press briefing on Sunday, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, confirmed that the next generation of Xbox consoles is already being made, suggesting that it won’t be long before we see new hardware from Microsoft. He didn’t share a release date, an image, or offer any specific details, but nearly five years after introducing the Xbox One, Microsoft is finally ready to clear a path for the ninth generation of game consoles in the coming years.

But just because Microsoft wasn’t able to get into specifics doesn’t mean that we have to settle for vague teases. On Tuesday, Brad Sams of reported that Microsoft is currently planning to release its next Xbox console in 2020. The future of Xbox is codenamed “Scarlett,” but that name actually refers to a family of devices.

Here’s what Spencer said about the next Xbox near the end of the E3 2018 press briefing on Sunday:

The same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming.

Jargon aside, the fact that Spencer referred to “the next Xbox consoles” seems significant. Sams doesn’t know if the new hardware will consist of completely new devices or be more in line with the One X, but considering how recently the One X launched, it would be shocking to see Microsoft abandon the platform altogether in 2020. This might point to the Xbox Two (or whatever it’s called) being backwards compatible with the Xbox One. And we also have to take into consideration the “console-quality game streaming network” the company is building.

Be it consoles, phones, games, or anything else, leaks this far out are always worth taking with a grain of salt, even if they come from reliable sources. Microsoft’s plans could change over the course of the next year, and between Spencer’s proclamations and this new report, we know that the Xbox team is getting ready for the future of console gaming.

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by Cooper Hood via Screen Rant

Dave Bautista is pursuing the lead role of Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie. The so-called video game curse has resulted in some lacking entries into the genre, but it hasn’t stopped studios from trying to succeed. There’s plenty of future adaptations in the works, including one for The Coalition and Epic Games’ big screen take on Gears of War. The sci-fi war game has been a massive hit for the studio and Microsoft since the franchise launched in 2006, and there’s plenty more to come on the gaming side.

There’s also been plenty of interest in bringing Gears of War into theaters. Coalition announced a partnership with Universal at the end of 2016 to help get the film project moving. Since that point though, there hasn’t been a lot of news. The studios tapped Avatar 2 scribe Shane Salerno to write the script over a year ago, but nothing else has come to light.

If Gears of War is ever going to happen, it will need to secure a few more major pieces. The director will help shape the tone and style, but the cast will be a major factor in manufacturing further interest in the movie. It may be too early for casting at this stage of Gears of War‘s development, but Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista revealed during a Twitter Q&A with GameSpot that he’s eager to be involved and play the lead role of Marcus Ennix.


@DaveBautista I’ve enjoyed basically all the film’s you’ve been in and was a huge fan during your WWE run. What’s your dream role? I’m hoping they ask you to play Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie!



“I’ve been pursuing Gears of War for YEARS now… Marcus Fenix is absolutely a dream role.”

Bautista is best known for his role as Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s expanded his filmography and range in recent years still. The former WWE star turned actor has appeared in major films like Spectre and Blade Runner 2049and can be seen in this week’s new release Hotel Artemis. Bautista could undoubtedly fill the action-heavy requirements that would come with this role, and he actually bares quite the resemblance to Fenix in the games.

While it is likely too early for Bautista to get cast, he would be a great fit for the role of Marcus Fenix. He was a soldier for the Coalition of Ordered Government prior to defecting, but later rejoined the COG as part of their last stand against the Locust Horde. Fenix goes on to have a huge arc centered around his family in the games’ sequels, which will continue in Gears of War 5. Bautista has shown he’s much more than the comedic character he plays in the MCU, so it’d be great to see him take on a major action role like this one. He’s yet to be a true lead, especially on this scale, but since Gears of War could assemble a great cast around him, Bautista is as compelling of a choice to play Marcus Fenix as anyone.

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by Mo Mozuch via Newsweek


by Jacob Siegal via BGR News

As we approach the five year anniversary of the PS4, it’s difficult not to think about the future of the brand. After all, the PS4 arrived nearly seven years to the day after the PS3, so it seems safe to assume that the PS5 is already deep in development at Sony HQ. This week, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera seemed to say as much when he revealed the PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle.

The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki shared Kodera’s statement on Twitter this morning, which he provided at the Sony IR Day 2018 event in Japan. Kodera shared the news in relation to Sony’s revenue, which he claims will be negatively affected by the drop off in unit sales. But PS Plus subscriptions should blunt the impact.

In addition to confirming that the PS4 will be replaced by a successor in the near future, Kodera also told analysts and investors at Sony IR Day that March 2021 will be when PlayStation will begin looking toward the future. It’s unclear if we should expect to see signs of the PS5 by 2021, but that would mark eight years since the PS4’s launch.

Beyond the potential future hardware, Kodera also talked about software. According to Kodera, PlayStation will continue to introduce new IPs (Horizon Zero DawnKnack), refresh old IPs (God of WarShadow of the Colossus), and build franchises around properties that develop a sizable audience.

We still don’t know anything concrete about the follow-up to the PS4 (nor do we expect to learn anything at E3 2018 this year), but it sounds like we won’t be waiting too much longer, as the PS4 life cycle winds down.

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by Sean Buckley via CNET

Boss Key Productions’ first game was a flop. Its second was too little, too late. Now, company founder Cliff Bleszinski says the game studio is closing its doors.

When the creator of the iconic Gears of War franchise said he was coming out of retirement to create video games that harkened back to chaos of classic arena-shooters like Unreal Tournament, Cliff Bleszinski had the gaming industry’s attention. “CliffyB,” as he was called by fans, had over two decades of experience making AAA games and a vision to revive a kind of fast-paced competitive first persons shooters that hadn’t existed in years.

Now, that dream is dead. Today on Twitter, the game designer announced that his new company, Boss Key Productions, “is effectively no more.”

Despite early excitement, it’s an ending almost everyone saw coming.


Lawbreakers, the company’s first game, flopped almost immediately after launch, completely failing to build the dedicated player base necessary to survive – despite having a relatively strong showing at E3 2017. “Lawbreakers was a great game that unfortunately failed to gain traction,” Bleszinski explained on Twitter. Team-based shooters just weren’t in anymore: large scale Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds were. The company tried to pivot.

“In a last ditch attempt we scrambled to do our own take on the huge battle royale genre with Radical Heights,” he says, “However, it was too little, too late.”

The game designer says he’s going to take some time off and reflect on the last four years of his career, but Boss Key Productions is closing its doors. For now, however, the servers for Radical Heights will remain online.

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